Petroleum & Lubricant Spill Containment

Petroleum, oil and lubricant (POL) storage areas are common in manufacturing and government facilities. Use Rigid-Lock QuickBerms® to capture potential spills when dispensing from IBCs.

It is necessary in nearly every facility that machinery has proper maintenance with lubricants. Providing the correct maintenance positively impacts the life and performance of equipment to keep costs down and production up. Lubricants and petroleum chemicals also must be contained when not in use. Petroleum spill containment products from Justrite offer compliant solutions for indoor or outdoor storage areas.

Petroleum and lubricants are commonly stored in IBCs, drums and other polyethylene totes. Bulk storage containers provide facilities with necessary quantities for keeping machinery lubricated for long periods of time. Justrite spill berms are designed to temporarily store bulk quantities of drums and totes and/or single quantities of each.

Containment Solutions

The Rigid-Lock QuickBerm® offers users drive-through capabilities when loading or unloading palletized drums or totes. Quick-loading brackets are designed to be virtually unbreakable for heavy duty use. Petroleum containment berms by Justrite are chemical resistant to withstand harsh chemicals.

The Rigid-Lock QuickBerm is designed specifically to meet or exceed EPA state and federal regulations for secondary spill containment. This includes the SPCC requirements for spill containment found in 40 CFR part 112 found in the Clean Water Act.

Since spill containment berms also capture rainwater while in use, Justrite supplies an easy-to-use, compliant solution for dewatering. The HFF Berm Drain Kit safely drains rainwater from spill containment berms, but prevents any oil from escaping the containment area. The HFF meets federal SPCC mandates for secondary oil containment.

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