Oil Spill Berms

One pint of used motor oil spilled can create a one-acre slick on the surface of a body of water and kill floating aquatic organisms.

Oil and fuel spill berms help contain oil and fuel leaks when on the jobsite and comply with SPCC to help avoid costly fines. Use Justrite’s fuel containment berms and accessories to keep factories and employees safe and lessen potential disasters to local ecosystems and economies.

Fuel containment berms can assist in meeting and exceeding SPCC requirements in the gas and oil industry.

Fuel Spill Containment & Compliance

Oil leaks and fuel spills can cause serious threats to the environment and employees. From slow drips to catastrophic oil ruptures, these spills can contaminate the environment and cause evacuations of on-site facilities, resulting in production downtime and potential fines from the EPA, OSHA and other regulatory agencies.

Custom Oil Spill Berm Construction

All custom oil and fuel containment berms are designed to withstand the elements of heavy-duty use and help meet SPCC requirements for full compliance. Heavy-duty construction allows vehicle drive-through capability, while maximizing efficiency for portability and usability. Fuel containment berms and systems can withstand harsh chemicals and will not deteriorate when contacted with fuel or oil.

Each application must be evaluated differently when addressing the potential of an oil spill. Considerations for choosing the best fuel spill berm include the type of ground surface on which the berm is going to be deployed, vehicle traffic levels, total area and the volume of hazardous liquids to be contained. Use ground mats and track mats to avoid puncturing the berm.

A custom Justrite berm shown above in an oil/gas rig application

Weather is also important to the design of the oil spill berm. If expecting significant snow fall, use a semi-rigid upright wall design. Float up walls will not support the weight of the snow and ice on top of them. Fuel containment berms for use in areas with high winds will need a method of securing the berm.

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