Fertilizer Spill Containment

While fertilizer is vital to the agriculture industry, some fertilizer chemicals can cause harm to the environment. Justrite spill containment berms are ideal for minimizing fertilizer pollution.

Fertilizer chemicals can either be in liquid or dry form. Both can cause safety hazards in the event of a spill or leak. Justrite's spill berms provide industry users with large containment solutions for bulk storage or emergency berms for smaller quantities of fertilizer chemicals.

Spill berms by Justrite help protect grounds from being contaminated and can avoid costly fines from compliance regulating agencies.

Containment Solutions

The Rigid-Lock Quick Fail-Safe QuickBerm® offers heavy-duty construction for long-term spill containment situations. These containment berms are portable and offer durable construction for dropping tanks, totes or farm equipment inside of the berm for safe practices.

The Rigid-Lock Quickberm Lite is perfect for emergency spills or leaks when loading and unloading drums or totes. Designed specifically for emergency spill response, the lightweight berm can be thrown in work vehicles or carried by hand to the job site.

Justrite spill berms help meet SPCC and EPA regulations.

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