HFF Oil Stop Valve

The HFF Oil Stop Valve filters and processes rain water, removing hydrocarbons to a non-detectable level. It automatically shuts off in the case of a major hydrocarbon release.

Hydrocarbon Filter for Oil Containment

All secondary containment systems must incorporate some type of drainage system to evacuate wastewater. The HFF Oil Stop Valve is a hydrocarbon filter ideal for this application. Each HFF is designed for site-specific oil containment applications and meets Federal SPCC mandates.

HFF flow rates vary by size of filter, vertical or horizontal mount and the head pressure. The HFF uses Justrite oil solidifying polymer technology to capture all organic hydrocarbons, including the most volatile organic compounds, such as sheen, gasoline, diesel, refined oils and more. Each HFF hydrocarbon filter is capable of processing wastewater at the pre-determined rate specified by the customer.

All HFF Oil Stop Valves come with a pre-filter to trap and eliminate unwanted sediment and debris before it gets to the main hydrocarbon filter, which extends the life of the filter.

HFF Berm Drain Kit for Spill Containment Berms

For quick and easy draining of portable spill containment berms, use the HFF Berm Drain Kit. By design, these berms often capture rainwater while in use. If oil is present in the rainwater, it must be removed before draining or manually dewatering the containment area. The HFF Berm Drain Kit allows the safe drainage of rainwater from spill containment berms, by preventing the escape of hydrocarbons.


  • Storm Drains
  • Electrical Substations
  • Retention Pound Out-Flows
  • Storm Water Run-Off
  • Contaminated Cooling Tower Water
  • Secondary Containment Vaults
  • Oil-Water Separator Out-Falls
  • Bulk Storage Tank Farm Rain Water Out-Falls


  • Filters all organic hydrocarbons to <5ppm; most will be at non-detectable levels.
  • Removes sheen, gasoline, diesel, refined oils, and other volatile organic compounds.
  • Low maintenance required when used with a reusable pre-filter to catch debris, silt, dirt, paper, limbs, etc.
  • Will not drip or leach out.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much maintenance is involved with the HFF Oil Stop Valve or VIPOR Oil Filtration Systems?

All filters need some level of maintenance, but compared to traditional oil water separators or similar systems, required maintenance for the HFF and VIPOR is minimal. Always use a pre-filter with the HFF to prevent silt and mud from clogging it. Maintenance will depend on the amount of silt, dirt and hydrocarbon the pre-filter is exposed to.

The maintenance frequency of the VIPOR-SOWF, VIPOR-100 SOWF and VIPOR-SUMP also varies by job site, depending on how much dirt exists in the containment that can clog the pre-filter. Always perform an inspection following a significant rain event.

Visit the FAQ page to find more answers about secondary containment.

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