Vault Combination Solutions

Adaptable VIPOR systems provide a cost-effective, low-maintenance solution to expensive oil-water separators and manual dewatering systems for vaults and manholes.

Automatic Dewatering Systems for Vaults and Manholes

Most electrical utility companies employ some form of underground networks. Generally, these are underground manhole and vaults, some housing energized equipment, and some serving as cable troughs. It’s unknown the exact number of vaults and manholes currently in commission in the United States. Based on research and industry knowledge, the total number is estimated at about 5 million – approximately four manholes to every one vault.

Discussions with several electric utility companies across the country revealed that evacuating water from these underground networks proved a constant challenge and source of unexpected O&M. Many utilities used oil water separators or automatic pump oil-switch dewatering systems, but found neither could prevent sheen from discharging into the environment.

Justrite VIPOR oil filtration dewatering systems are the solution for automatic dewatering in underground utility vaults and manholes, substation sumps and any other areas that can accumulate oil and water. It utilizes proven filtration technology to completely shut off in the case of an oil release. Available in three robust models, the VIPOR will not pass any oil – or even sheen – into the environment, providing full oil containment.

VIPOR Dewatering System with Liner

Justrite's Geomembrane Liner, used in tangent with the VIPOR-SOWF (Sump Oil Water Filtration) dewatering system, is a passive below-grade secondary containment solution often utilized for impervious subsoils that do not provide adequate drainage of stormwater and areas where the water table is close to the surface. Water is evacuated from the containment area through a solid pipeline that runs into a sump containing the VIPOR-SOWF, an automatic sump pump dewatering system that utilizes proven technology to prevent the discharge of oil into the environment. For additional redundancy protection against hundred-year rainfall events, an additional VIPOR system may be recommended.

Justrite’s exclusive, patented PolySeam® Liner Attachment System is a cost-effective alternative to traditional batten bar attachment. The PolySeam spray-on coating system is quick and simple to install, even in the most extreme conditions. It easily encapsulates difficult penetrations and irregular surfaces, with no welding required. For low maintenance and 100% automatic shutoff during an oil release, use with the VIPOR-100 SOWF to filter and evacuate standing water. It also helps reduce O&M costs.

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Retrofit Existing Containment

Use the VIPOR-100 SOWF (Sump Oil Water Filtration) dewatering system in conjunction with a geomembrane liner to retrofit cracked or porous concrete containment moat systems, as well as underground vaults, for SPCC-compliant secondary containment. The versatile VIPOR-100 does not require a crock or sump, though it does need a free discharge area. This dewatering system’s safe, unattended discharges saves utility crews in the time and labor required for frequent manual dewatering, while the geomembrane liner ensures a hydrocarbon release does not leach into the environment.

With a flow-rate of more than 100 gallons per minute, it keeps up with even the heaviest rainfalls, making it a good dewatering solution for states hammered by hurricanes and tropical storms. Light enough to be portable, it can also service manholes and vaults.

VIPOR Dewatering Systems and Existing Vault

The VIPOR-SUMP functions as an advanced oil water separator in underground transformer vaults that have a flat floor and a crock. The dewatering system filters all sediment, debris and hydrocarbons from the water and runoff that washes into the vault, before pumping it out. It will not allow sheen to pass through.


Our VIPOR combination solutions can also be used when customized containment is required due to limited space or aesthetic preferences. For a smaller footprint, install the VIPOR-SOWF dewatering system with ADS pipes. When used in conjunction with composite wall containment, the geomembrane liner with VIPOR-SOWF delivers passive secondary oil containment for non-permeable subsoils that do not provide adequate drainage of stormwater. Water can be evacuated from the containment area by flowing into a secondary containment vault, either inside or outside of the containment area, that houses a VIPOR-SOWF dewatering system. Visit our Hybrid Containment Solutions page for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many of our substations already have secondary containment, most commonly concrete moats or composite walls. We often need to manually dewater these after a heavy rain. Do you offer any automated pumping or filtration solutions that can help us cut down on O&M time?

When it comes to retrofitting existing containment, it’s important to identify the main source of concern and the expectations of the customer. For customers that currently have concrete moats with no drainage capabilities, we recommend one of our automated VIPOR solutions. If passive drainage is preferred, we recommend plumbing the drain to an HFF Oil Stop Valve located in a vault outside of the containment area. Because every situation is different based on site-specific variables, please contact us directly and we’ll discuss your unique containment needs.

Visit the FAQ page to find more answers about secondary containment.

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