Core Solutions for Oil Containment

With over 10,000 installs, our secondary containment systems have become the accepted full oil containment solution for SPCC-compliant secondary containment by professional engineers across the nation.

Barrier Boom – Secondary Oil Containment System

Justrite's Barrier Boom containment system is a proven full secondary containment solution for sites with impervious subsoils such as clay. It is designed to allow the flow of nuisance water during normal rainfall and snow melt events, but becomes an oil containment barrier to prevent hydrocarbon migration in the event of an oil release. This containment system relies on gravity (head pressure).


  • SPCC compliant secondary containment as stated in CFR 40 112.7.
  • Oil containment system for pad-mounted transformers in substations, solar and wind farms.
  • Oil-filled equipment storage areas.
  • Bulk fuel and oil storage areas.
  • Can be used with a liner.


  • Meets the requirements of Secondary Containment for EPA SPCC 40 CFR 112.7, U.S.D.A. Bulletin 1724E-302, Chapter 3-3.2.2 and 3.2.3, and IEEE Std. 980.
  • Custom designed to site specifics and PE-approved for full secondary containment.
  • Easy to install to grade or dike; usually in one day with equipment fully energized.
  • No special tools needed.
  • Little or no maintenance required depending on type of install.
  • Eliminates the need of concrete walls, sump pumps, oil-water separators, pits, manual valves, and hydrocarbon detectors.


  • Estimated flow rate of up to 5 GMP per ft2 material with 1 foot head pressure.
  • Hydrocarbon flow rate of 0 GPM for 110% oil spill containment.
  • Solidifies approximately a half gallon of oil per ft2 depending on oil type, viscosity, and temperature.
  • Service life of installed product: the life of the equipment it protects.
  • UV resistance of 70% (typically covered with clean, washed stone).
  • Oxidation resistance of 80%.
  • Contains 12 to 16 oz. of loose Justrite solidifying polymers per ft2.


Geomembrane Liner with Barrier Boom Containment System

Use the Justrite Geomembrane Liner with Barrier Boom solution in sandy or undetermined subsoils. This containment system allows storm water to flow through the Barrier Boom panel side walls while removing hydrocarbons. In the event of a large spill, the Barrier Boom panels completely solidify and contain the oil, keeping it from escaping off site.


  • Passive, self-activating secondary containment system best suited for containment around the transformer, rather than the perimeter of the substation
  • Perfect solution for transformers (live and spare), tank storage, wind farms and solar fields
  • For a smaller footprint, use corrugated HDPE pipe with the containment system to increase the void space
  • Use geomembrane liner to line chipped or cracked concrete containment


  • A bury and forget application
  • Easy to install to grade or dike; usually in one day with equipment fully energized
  • Cost-effective secondary spill containment system
  • Geomembrane liners are pre-fabricated at the factory and assembled on site
  • Geomembrane liners will not drip or leach out
  • Little or no maintenance required depending on type of install
  • Eliminates the need of concrete walls, sump pumps, oil-water separators, pits, manual valves, and hydrocarbon detectors


  • Base of the liner composed of 22 or 40 oz. polyvinyl with pre-formed corners for height consistency
  • Barrier Boom panels are pre-bonded to the liner
  • Service life of installed product: the life of the equipment it protects (up to 200 years)


PolySeam® Barrier Boom Oil Filtration Panels Passive Drainage System

Double-bottom tank sealed with PolySeam prevents water from going under the tank, no corrosion

Use Justrite’s exclusive patented PolySeam® Barrier Boom Passive Drainage System as a fast and cost-effective alternative to traditional batten bar liner attachment. When used in conjunction with our Ethylene Polymer PVC with Elvaloy® Technology Geomembrane or HDPE Containment Liners, the PolySeam spray coating liner system replaces the maintenance and repairs needed to maintain integrity of the batten bar method of attachment—for a virtually maintenance-free system! Rain and runoff water flow through the Barrier Boom panels in the liner. In the event of an oil release, the polymers in the Barrier Boom become an impervious barrier to prevent hydrocarbons from migrating outside of the containment area.


  • SPCC-compliant spray liner and containment solution, suitable for electric substations, petroleum refineries, tank farms and may other industrial applications
  • Sections seamed into place using traditional welding methods
  • Once liner transition strip is in place, the existing containment liner system is attached to the containment penetrations, using our spray applied coating

Note: All bonding surfaces will need to be cleaned, potentially blasted and primed prior to application


  • Fast installation – even in extreme conditions
  • More durable than containment liners alone
  • Little or no maintenance required
  • Eliminates leak points created by batten bar attachment
  • Easy to attach, no matter what type substrate or shape of penetration


  • Barrier Boom panels are pre-bonded to the liner
  • Service life of installed product: the life of the equipment it protects (up to 200 years)
  • Ethylene Polymer PVC with Elvaloy® provides maximum protection to high temperatures and a broad range of chemicals including acids, oils and methane

View File Case Study: How a Hydrostatic Pressure Test Proved the Effectiveness of an Innovative Secondary Containment System

Oil Solidifying Polymers

Hydrocarbon / Oil Spill Containment and Cleanup Technology

Justrite Oil Solidifying Polymers (previously known as C.I.Agent®*) represent the core technology used in our patented oil containment systems, including Barrier Boom, the HFF Oil Stop Valve, and the VIPOR systems. This environmentally-friendly, proprietary blend of polymers provides the passive oil filtration within our self-activating containment systems, solidifying all hydrocarbons upon contact.

*C.I.Agent® is listed on the EPA National Contingency Plan Product Schedule as a "Solidifier" for use on oil spills in the navigable waters of the United States.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are Barrier Boom panels made of?

The inside wall of the Barrier Boom panel is a basic geotextile made from a patented blend of recycled synthetic materials that are both hydrophobic and oleophilic. The material wicks the oil throughout the fibers and has a tremendous load capability per square inch. Agent-X makes up the outer wall of the panel. It is made of two layers of a geotextile with Justrite solidifying polymers laminated between the layers. The material itself has a tremendous filtering effect and keeps oil from passing through this unique final outside wall. The polymers fill the void between the outer and inner wall. A unique quilting pattern keeps the polymers from shifting during handling and installation.

Do Barrier Boom panels degrade if exposed to UV rays?

The fibers in Agent-X, one of the geotextiles used in Barrier Boom, will degrade if exposed to sunlight and oxygen, just like any other fiber would. However, a minimum of maintenance to keep the berm intact and to keep the Agent-X covered would lessen the effect considerably. The geotextile used in Agent-X has a UV Resistance of 70 percent (determined by the ASTM D4355 test method after 500 hours) and an Oxidation Resistance of 80 percent (determined by the EN 13438 test method). Exposed Barrier Boom can be caused by natural events such as a heavy rain or snow/ice melt.

What effect do your Geomembrane Liners have on the step potential of the grounding grid within a substation?

Our Geomembrane Liners have no impact, positive or negative, on step potentials within a substation. The grounding grid passes around the liner and thus is not impacted by it, so the step potential remains the same whether a liner is installed or not.

How do Justrite solidifying polymers differ from other solidifiers in the marketplace?

Justrite’s oil solidifier is a proprietary blend of several different polymers. Other solidifiers on the market are made up of only one or two co-polymers. Justrite offers the only solidifier that works instantly on the full spectrum of hydrocarbons ranging from low-end gasolines to heavy crude oil.

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