Liner Systems

Justrite high-strength industrial coatings bond to any substrate, including geomembrane and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) containment liners, to provide virtually maintenance-free containment that will not leak.

Ethylene Polymer PVC with Elvaloy® Technology Quick Overview

  • Excellent stability, with low thermal expansion-contraction properties
  • High-strength, chemical-resistant grade for maximum protection to high temperatures and a broad range of chemicals including acids, oils and methane
  • Formulated for long-term outdoor exposure to UV rays
  • Florida Department of Environmental Protection Agency approved for secondary containment

PolySeam® Liner Attachment System (Patent No. 8,361,261 B2)

System Highlights

Exclusive PolySeam liner attachment system offers a faster, cost-effective alternative to traditional batten bar attachment. When used in conjunction with our Ethylene Polymer PVC with Elvaloy® Technology Geomembrane or HDPE Containment Liners, the patented PolySeam system replaces the maintenance and repairs needed to maintain integrity of the batten bar method of attachment—for a virtually maintenance-free system! Installs faster and is more durable than containment liners alone, saving thousands of dollars in installation costs, and it installs in the most extreme conditions.

  • Delivered to your site and then cut to desired length for seaming application.
  • Sections are seamed into place using traditional welding methods.
  • Attachments are made from HDPE or Ethylene Polymer PVC with Elvaloy® Technology Geomembrane to tank ring walls, wall, pipe supports or any other penetration.
  • Once liner transition strip is in place, the existing containment liner system is attached using our spray applied coating system to the containment penetrations.
  • Note: All bonding surfaces will need to be cleaned, potentially blasted and primed prior to application.
  • Easily integrates with other Justrite secondary containment systems and/or water filtration solutions, such as Barrier Boom or VIPOR dewatering pump system

View File Case Study: How a Hydrostatic Pressure Test Proved the Effectiveness of an Innovative Secondary Containment System

PolySeam Barrier Boom Oil Filtration Panels Passive Drainage System

If SPCC-compliant oil containment and filtration is required, the PolySeam Barrier Boom Oil Filtration Panels Passive Drainage System provides an innovative secondary containment solution. Using patented oil solidifying technology, the Barrier Boom panels allow rain and runoff to passively drain, but become an impervious barrier when it comes in contact with oil. Panels will immediately solidify, preventing any hydrocarbons from leaving the containment area.

Barrier Boom Benefits

  • Complies with SPCC 40 CFR 112.7, U.S.D.A. Bulletin 1724E-302, Chapter 3-3.2.2 and 3.2.3, and IEEE Std. 980
  • Custom designed to site specifics and PE-approved for full secondary containment
  • Little or no maintenance required depending on type of install
  • Service life of installed product: the life of the equipment it protects

Barrier Boom Specifications

  • Estimated flow rate of up to 5 GPM per ft2 material with 1 foot head pressure
  • Hydrocarbon flow rate of 0 GPM for 110% oil spill containment
  • Solidifies approximately a half gallon of oil per ft2 depending on oil type, viscosity, and temperature
  • UV resistance of 70% (typically covered with clean, washed stone)
  • Oxidation resistance of 80%
  • Contains 12 to 16 oz. of loose Justrite solidifying polymers per ft2 (unique quilting pattern prevents polymers from shifting during handling and installation)

Double-bottom tank sealed with PolySeam prevents water from going under the tank, no corrosion

Once considered difficult penetrations to encapsulate are now easily ENCAPSULAPED with the PolySeam System. Steel, concrete, round or square supports can be transitioned with NO problem!

Pump pad application
Concrete application
Steel sheeting application
Pipe support application

Tank Farm Containment Liner Systems

Ethylene Polymer PVC with Elvaloy® Technology Geomembrane liner material is well-suited for large installations, i.e. covering approximately 215,000 square feet, such as a tank farm with 2 tanks holding 3-million gallons of diesel fuel.

Before (left) and after (right) installing PolySeam® on HDPE containment liner
Approximately one foot of dirt was removed and elevation was established for storm water drainage
Containment area is utilized for the secondary containment of approximately 3-million gallons of diesel fuel

Reservoir Lining and Waterproofing Installations & Repairs

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