Secondary Containment Coatings

Known for its extreme strength, SC-3900 containment coating bonds quickly, perfect for rapidly sealing a leak. It is also flexible – 300% elongation allows it to move with the substrate, even through extreme weather fluctuations.

High-Temperature Secondary Containment Coatings

"Justrite Industrial Coatings has been installed for over a year and has performed as advertised. Unit 1 has seen a 180,000 MWh reduction in opacity derivations from 2011 to 2012 due in great part from this coating work which equates to 5.1 million dollars in revenue."

Arthur Bosshart
Tampa Electric Engineer

Before (left) and after (right) precipitator coating

SC-3900 High-Strength Industrial Coating Containment Wall System

Using high-strength SC-3900 industrial coatings and cinder blocks, we offer a fully-encapsulated, PE-approved containment wall system providing chemical and fuel resistant containment. SC-3900 coats smoothly and is tack-free in seconds for a quick installation – up to 75% faster than liner installations. Its rapid cure time eliminates vulnerabilities to weather, such as rain or other moisture.

Optimize the SC-3900 Containment Wall System with optional SPCC-compliant oil spill protection. Add Barrier Boom windows or an HFF Oil Stop Valve for passive storm water and runoff control with oil leak protection.

Windows for Barrier Boom panels
Drain to be outfitted with HFF Oil Stop Valve

System Highlights

  • PE-designed and approved
  • Flexible design around equipment, penetrations and supports
  • Directly built over earthen substrates
  • Long life expectancy
  • Engineered design available for unique/non-conforming applications

SC-3900 Coating Specifications

Dry Properties 34 mils (0.8 mm)*
Tensile Strength ASTM D 412 >3700 psi (25.7 mpa)
Elongation @77°F (25°C) >300%
Hardness (Shore D) ASTM D 2240-03 ±55
Hardness (Shore A) ASTM D 2240-03 ±98
100% Modulus ASTM D 412 >1600 psi (11.13 mpa)
300% Modulus ASTM D412 >3500 psi (24.32 mpa)
Tear Resistance ASTM D 624 483 PLI (84.57 KN/m) ± 50
Service Temperature -60°F - +250°F         (-50°C - +121°C)
Abrasion Resistance H-22 wheel 136 mg. lost: 1 kg. 1000 rev.
CS-17 wheel 0.2 mg. lost: H-18 wheel 90 mg. lost

Rehabilitating Faulty Seals and Leaks on Geodesic Domes in the Oil and Gas Industry

Many aboveground storage tanks (ASTs) used in the oil and gas industry have geodesic dome roofs. Typically constructed from aluminum for their corrosion-resistant properties, over time daily thermal expansions and contractions work to create gaps between the panels. These gaps allow corrosive gas vapors and hazardous contaminants to escape from the tank. The gaps also allow humidity, airborne chlorides, and particulates to infiltrate the tank and contaminate its contents.

Traditional methods of repairing geodesic domes--like replacing the panels or sealing gaps with tape--are expensive and labor-intensive. Justrite’s SC-3900 spray-applied, flexible coating system offers an alternative solution.

Multiple geodome roofs sealed to prevent future issues
Gaps between panels completely sealed

The coating is applied directly over the seal and cures very quickly. It is much stronger than tape, and chemically resistant to fuels, sulfuric acid and leachate water and the vapors they emit. Additionally, SC-3900 can be applied while the tank is in service, eliminating down time.

Once dry, the flexible coating moves with the tank roof, even as temperature and weather fluctuate. Once the dome roof is sealed with SC-3900, noxious odors and vapor loss are substantially reduced.

Download PDF for more info

New and Existing Rail Cart Containment Coatings

Fully sealed to base of rail

Internal and External Tank Containment Coatings

System Highlights

  • Chemical and portable water systems available
  • Capabilities range from sulfuric acid to leachate water and fuels
  • Potable water approved (NSF 61)

Versatile Secondary Containment Coatings

Create Containment on Site

We specialize in coating fuel storage containment areas and deliver impervious fuel storage containment systems throughout industry. Our secondary containment coatings bond to most substrates including overlay for earthen/soil, steel, concrete, asphalt and several other substrates. Use our system to repair existing traditional liners including HDPE, Ethylene Polymer PVC with Elvaloy® Technology Geomembrane, and many others.

*Elvaloy® is a registered trademark of DuPont.

Fuel Loading and Containment Area Coatings

  • Use to seal and restore aging truck loading racks
  • Withstands daily traffic of 80,000-lb tankers—saves on costly concrete recapping
Diesel fuel containment
Fuel containment area

Total Release Annular Protection System (T.R.A.P.S.) Provides FDEPA-Compliant Overfill Protection

Use Justrite’s exclusive, patented T.R.A.P.S. (Patent No. 7874764) for overfill protection in existing and new tanks. It ensures the containment area will hold the desired amount or greater to meet FDEPA requirements of five minutes maximum pumping capacity. The system includes continuous monitoring of a containment area for hydrocarbons, notification to personnel should a hydrocarbon be detected, and valve closure to activate at desired rate with instantaneous closing of containment valve.

Concrete application
Earthen application

System Highlights

  • Continuous monitoring for hydrocarbon detection, if detected system will notify terminal personnel immediately with both visual and audio alerts. Valve closure will start at desired rate with closing of containment valve.
  • Flexible, custom design options (including email, cell phone or other desired means for notification). Various interfaces compatible with most PLC’s.
  • Durable containment system, impervious coating. No VOCs, rapid cure times.
  • High design flexibility, can be modified to fit almost any layout or tank configuration.
  • Install around existing tanks with or without existing ring walls. Successfully installed in conjunction with new double bottom installations and around existing tanks with tight piping areas, or any custom requirement needed.
  • Applied over a variety of substrates including soil, asphalt, concrete, steel, and others.
Control panel can network/monitor up to 128 independent sensor circuits simultaneously. Standard interface modes. Monitors both high & high-high level alarms.
Hydrocarbon sensor located at containment discharge low point. Detects most common light fuels in 3 seconds with 1-mm film.
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