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The most common reason for containment system failures is cracks due to aging and natural settling. All substrates move, but many containment systems lack flexibility.

Withstands temperature fluctuations and surface movement. Resistant to harsh environments. Suitable for applications where high temperatures are part of standard operations.

  • 300%+ elongation
  • Tack free in seconds
  • 100% solids VOC free
  • Applied from 40-1000 MILS
  • 20+ Year life expectancy
  • Fuel 6 chemical resistant
  • NSF 6 regulator approved
  • Excellent Shore D hardness
  • Tensile strength 3500-5500 psi
  • Structurally inert to high UV exposure
  • Application temperature -40 F to 300 F+
  • Abrasion and corrosion resistant

About Us

Justrite Industrial Coatings specializes in fuel storage containment coatings systems within the petroleum storage fuel terminal industry, railroad industry, and wastewater/water industry. Our spray-applied structural coating systems are some of the strongest in the industry. For more than 30 years, customers have trusted our expertise to provide customized solutions to meet their environmental compliance issues.

Before (left) and after (right) using concrete containment coating at JFK airport's jet fuel tank farm

As part of Justrite Safety Group’s portfolio of engineered secondary containment solutions, we combine our market leading, patented spray technology with versatile containment options and water filtration systems to provide custom systems to meet our customers’ needs. Our proven expertise in fuel containment and industrial coatings allows us to offer an expansive portfolio of products and services from a single source, ensuring the best possible solution tailored to your application, while complying with applicable environmental regulations.

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Environmentally Compliant Products and Certified Services Available Worldwide

  • Secondary containment industrial coatings and systems
  • Internal and external pipeline coatings and repair
  • Clarifiers, holding tanks (internal and external)
  • Concrete basins
  • T.R.A.P.S. - overfill protection system and leak detection
  • Tank farm liner systems (Ethylene Polymer PVC with Elvaloy® Technology Geomembrane and HDPE)
  • Reservoir lining and waterproofing (installations & repairs) PolySeam® liner system
  • Storage tank roof coating system
  • Manhole rehabilitation and repair
  • Pipeline repair
  • Storm water management and spill products
  • Silo rehabilitation
  • Site dismantling
  • Dock and rail car containment systems

*Elvaloy® is a registered trademark of DuPont.

Rail car containment systems
Concrete containment
Truck loading rack

Industrial Coating Specialists

Justrite Industrial Coatings specializes in high tensile strength structural coating applications. With more than 30 years of experience in the fuel containment market, we offer a solution for all your containment needs. We’ve completed countless customized secondary fuel containment projects using a wide variety of materials, including fast-set spray applied products. We remain committed to help solve your environmental compliance issues.

Petroleum Storage & Refining Industry

As a leader in the coatings and secondary containment market, we provide exclusive, innovative options to meet your fuel containment requirements. Our patented containment system (T.R.A.P.S.) and patented liner seaming system (PolySeam®) provide cost effective methods to meet fuel containment regulations. Through the use of several coating options, we can restore your secondary containment system(s) to meet applicable regulations in the petroleum storage and refining industry.

Chemical, Pulp/Paper & Specialty Plants

A wide range of chemical resistant products meet specialty chemical needs and requirements. Regardless of your containment needs, whether over concrete, steel or many other substrates, we offer a solution for aggressive chemical environments. Both full immersion and secondary containment products available.

Railroad Industry

Serving the railroad industry for over 15 years, we provide services that range from manufacturing, to installation for rail car containment systems, diesel fuel containment coatings, oil water separator rehabilitations and internal tank coatings. We design systems to meet our client’s specific containment requirements.

Water/Wastewater Industry

Meeting the needs of the water/wastewater industry is our priority. We supply cost effective solutions to concrete degradation, restoration, corrosion prevention, waterproofing, and rehabilitation of manholes and holding pond liners. Use our coating systems to restore and maintain sand filters, clarifying tanks, holding tanks and many other steel, concrete or operational equipment.

Power Plant Industry

A variety of coating and liner options are available for the power industry. Utilizing high temperature, fast-set structural coatings, epoxies and synthetic liners, we help meet your secondary fuel containment, pond liners, waterproofing and pipeline repair needs. We increase the life expectancy of key operating equipment such as precipitators, pumps and more.

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